Solutions that simplify

Your patients depend on you. Your practice depends on your patients.

That’s what makes the patient
experience the key to your success.
There is the practice of dentistry. The clinical side. The things at which you shine through hard work, skill, and training. It is what keeps the patients coming back;
one-half of the patient experience.

Then there is the business of dentistry. The tough part where the friction comes in. Starting a new practice. Sourcing the right equipment. Finding new patients. Making sure that they get scheduled and show up for the appointment. Running a profitable practice. Collecting all your money. You know, the stuff that causes your patients to stop coming back. The stuff that keeps you up at night. And the other half of the patient experience.
That is where Dental Whale comes in. An expert in creating solutions that simplify the business of dentistry, we free you to excel at the practice of dentistry.
The same expertise and energy you bring to the clinical side, we bring to the business side. ​​Over the years, we have partnered with thousands of dentists - helping them to create the optimum patient experience. Here's how:
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Equipment
  • Repair
  • CE Credits
  • Digital Content
  • Live Events
  • Team Training
  • Savings on Equipment, Supplies, Labs & Solutions
  • Access to Special Events
  • Special Discounts on Solutions & Learning

Boost new patient activity, revenue & practice performance


Make it easy for potential patients to
know why they should choose you.
You’ll stand out from your competition and make your mark in your community by working with Dental Whale’s marketing experts who will create and implement marketing plans that drive results.

With Dental Whale Marketing, you get a complete plan that provides not only a great patient experience, but also all the design, technology, and human resources that you need to cost-effectively get new patients.

We make sure you are set up correctly and then ensure that the folks looking for a dentist find you. We help them schedule and we confirm that they are coming in. They will have the opportunity to complete all forms prior to arrival and to submit a review after their visit, letting other potential patients learn how great a practice you have.


Generate more revenue with expert
scheduling strategies.
Our scheduling plan provides all the steps necessary to make certain that a lead becomes a new patient and that you get existing patients back in your practice.

Our team, working as a seamless extension of your office, handles all text, email, and personal communication. The plan includes all the technology and human resources needed to cost-effectively schedule patients and then kindly remind them to come back in for their next appointment. They will have the opportunity to complete all forms prior to arrival and to submit a review after their visit, letting other potential patients learn how great a practice you have.


Keep your practice equipment
running at optimal performance.
Downtime is a practice killer. Faulty or inoperative equipment means you serve fewer patients, and that affects the bottom line. Enter Dental Whale’s fleet of professional technicians to the rescue.

Our pricing packages are cost effective and simple to understand. We can work on almost every piece of dental equipment in the USA. There are no trip fees for onsite calls. If you mail out a piece of small equipment, we make it easy for you to get it repaired and returned rapidly.

These are just some of the reasons we currently service over 15,000 dental equipment repair customers.


Experience superior value in dental
equipment and technology.
Whether you need to open a new office, order handpieces, or upgrade your patient experience with best-in-class technology and imaging software, our team of equipment experts can help you make a cost-effective decision.

Because we are the only dental equipment dealer in the USA that also manages its own dental practices, we understand what equipment mix is needed to run a successful practice. Our industry experts will help you identify the best equipment plan for your office.

A white-glove approach to client support

We’re with you every step of the way. Dental Whale’s dedicated client success management (CSM) team will ensure that you get the most out of our partnership. Our CSM’s are your single point of contact to ensure that you always receive VIP treatment.

“The entire scheduling team is great to work with; all the team members that I have spoken with are friendly and helpful.

Dr. George Philip
Dr. George T. Philip Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Sunnyvale, TX

“We saw a 297% increase in new patients using Dental Whale’s marketing plan”

Dr. Adil Quraish
Dental Care of Waldorf, Waldorf, MD

“We started outsourcing our scheduling during COVID. This resulted in a 41% increase in my new patient scheduling rates. I saved the cost of a full-time employee.”

Dr. Jack Rosenberg
Advanced Dental Care, Palm Beach Gardens

“The scheduling team has done a great job ensuring that our patients get scheduled. They act as an extension of my office staff and answer our patients' calls efficiently and effectively.”

Dr. Alfonso Monarres
Stone Ridge Dental, San Antonio, TX

“Very dependable, always punctual and the technician really cares about my practice. Because I always have the same technician, he usually knows what the problem is before even getting to my office.”

Dr. Med Dawoud
D&G Dental, West Orange, NJ

My technician is like a member of my team. He has a key to my office and many times fixes things on the weekend or after hours with no additional fees. When my vacuum pump went down, he provided me a loaner free of charge.”

Dr. John Leinweber
Comfort Dental Rio Rancho, Rio Rancho, NM

“Very helpful and thorough in researching and recommending equipment within my budget. I would highly recommend them for equipment needs.

Dr. Zeeshan Moorani
Kids Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, San Antonio, TX

Effective training for the entire dental office team

Easily Earn
CE Credits
A Complete
Digital Library
for Your Practice
Effective &
Team Training
High Value
Live Seminar
Take your practice to the next level on Dental Whale’s intuitive learning management platform with engaging videos, CE courses, seminars, and virtual events. Sign up to attend live events that
will build both your knowledge base and skill set.

Get your team trained on products, front-office efficiencies, dental entrepreneurship, and business management to enhance professional development and the patient experience.
Dental Whale Learning provides a simple-to-learn, easy-to-use, one-stop shop for your team to learn the best practices needed to operate a best-in-class dental practice.

We have a robust digital library that can simplify online CE courses, with learning categories that include clinical procedures, business training, startup practice training, front desk training, and more. We have also developed comprehensive digital courses specifically designed to train new hires. To make it even easier, you’ll find specific tracks by position.
In addition to digital training, we also conduct 30+ live training classes around the country every
year - providing you and your team with first-class content and the perfect opportunity to have fun out of the office.

We work with best-in-class content providers, curating and organizing the content to ensure you get the most out of the time you spend learning.

Awesome content under one roof available 24/7

We have trained over 35,000 dentists and dental office professionals. Our learning platform makes CE business and clinical training efficient and effective.  Our team training is position specific and cost effective.
CE Business Training
  • Advanced Startup
  • Business Masters
  • The Strategic Practice
  • Insurance Mastery
  • Practice Acquisition
  • Social Media
  • Virtual Consults
  • Case Acceptance Mastery
  • Location Selection
CE Clinical Training
  • Orthodontic Learning
  • Restorative Learning
  • Surgical Learning
  • Implant Learning
  • Invisalign
  • Crown & Bridges
  • Bone Grafting
  • Hygiene Recall
  • Location Selection
Team Training
  • Receptionists Track
  • Financial Coordinator Track
  • Scheduling Coordinator Track
  • Dental Hygienist Track
  • Treatment Coordinator Track
  • Customer Service Track
  • Office Manager Track
  • Dental Assistant Track
  • Doctor Customer Assistant Track
CE Business Training
CE Clinical Training
Team Training

Live experiences
that will stay with you

Our attendees include some of the most well-known success stories… from dentists-turned-consultants, world-followed dental podcasters, leaders of dental Facebook groups, founders of private DSOs, to some of the most profitable and compelling solo dentists.

Advanced Startup Seminar
Oct 12 - 13, 2021
The Dental Festival, Miami, FL

The Advanced Startup Seminar is a two-day learning experience that immerses attendees in cost savings systems and intelligent design modalities.

Business Masters Seminar
Oct 14 - 15, 2021
The Dental Festival, Miami, FL

Covering hundreds of pages of innovative business systems and management principles, this event will fill attendees with excitement, clarity, and drive to move their current careers and practices to a higher level.

Front Office Rocks Workshop
Oct 15 - 16, 2021
The Dental Festival, Miami, FL

A power-packed two-day workshop designed for doctors, office managers, and teams looking to turn their busy, stressed-out staff into an empowered and profitable team equipped with the tools to handle whatever the schedule throws at them.

Business Masters Seminar
Nov 11 - 12, 2021
Phoenix, AZ

Covering hundreds of pages of innovative business systems and management principles, this event will fill attendees with excitement, clarity, and drive to move their current careers and practices to a higher level.

Advanced Start Up Seminar
Dec 6 - 7, 2021
San Antonio, TX

The Advanced Startup Seminar is a two-day learning experience where attendees are immersed in cost savings systems and intelligent design modalities.

“In a span of 4 months, my practice has increased production by almost 30%, and I have learned how to implement better business practices. This course has helped me make more money and save a bunch on my supplies and lab coats!”

Dr. Robert Lozano
RB Dental Excellence, CA

“It’s great for training new staff on how to answer phones, collect payments and handle scheduling.”

Dr. Tina Beck
Southern California Periodontics & Implantology, CA

“I can take a new front desk associate and put them in front of these videos and they can go out and do what they have learned. The videos are simple and have great demonstrations.

Dr. Garland Davis
Garland Davis Family Dentistry, MD

"When it comes to managing clinical efficiencies and economies of scale to maximize profit and quality of care, I focus on metrics and clinical data. Knowing which ones to focus on and how to maneuver the levers is key."

Dr. Steven Wingfield
Co-founder & Practice Group Leader

“Success comes from having the right knowledge, committing to a mindset change, and then purposefully implementing the daily habits needed to move forward in a positive way.”

Dr. Scott Leune
Expert Speaker

“Managing and empowering your team to perform at their very best has a direct correlation to positive patient experiences and overall practice success. Remember that and let it drive you.”

Laura Nelson
Expert Speaker 
& Content Developer

Improve your bottom line andconserve working capital by saving on supplies, labs & equipment

Membership has both its benefits and privileges. Stay on budget and increase profitability by saving on the essentials it takes to run your practice, with Dental Whale’s leveraged buying power. Enjoy preferred pricing plus unbeatable discounts on labs, supplies, and equipment.

One of the most difficult challenges faced in managing dental practices centers on the purchase of products needed to operate efficiently and effectively. The average dental practice spends 17% of their revenue on supplies, labs and equipment. They also have an average of 24 different vendors from which they order products.

At best, this is a cumbersome and ineffective process.
Because we have the buying power for thousands of dental practices, we negotiate directly with labs, dealers and manufactures to get the best possible price. On average, our members save 32% on all purchases. If you spend $15,000 a month on purchases this can help you save $4,800 per month. All that’s needed is to become a member. It’s that simple.

And to make it as easy as possible, members take advantage of a digital ordering system that provides for a great customer experience with a single log in and one check out process. Plus, you can track all your history from all
vendors in one place.
Membership also provides discounts on digital CE content, courses, live events, marketing, scheduling, repair, equipment. And, we also periodically provide exclusive specials to members for additional savings.

“I was able to save 50% on teeth whitening supplies. I like that the membership is month-to-month, which means I'm not locked into a long-term contract.”

Dr. Caresa Doakes
The Smile Salon, MO

“They provide constant discounts where you don't have to reach out to your supply reps and ask why the rates are going up. They have my back.”

Dr. Joshua Wyatt
South Tampa Dentistry, FL

“Our cost of dental supplies has gone way down –  by almost half.

Dr. Cassady Rider
Rider Family Dentistry, IA
“My practice revenue has increased dramatically. Dental Whale has been really helpful and has allowed me to accomplish my financial goals and to
own multiple practices. “
Dr. Shawn Walls
Johns Creek, GA
“We started outsourcing our scheduling during COVID.  This resulted in a 41% increase in my new patient scheduling rates.  I saved the cost of a full-time employee”
Dr. Jack Rosenberg
Advanced Dental Care, Palm BEACH GARDENS, FL
“We’ve been able to bring in 52 new patients in just 30 days using Dental Whale’s marketing plan.”
Dr. Nahid Bahrami
Lithia Springs Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, LITHIA SPRINGS, GA
“The result is 20% growth over the last 3 years. We continue to see over 100 new patients a month and we couldn't do that without Dental Whale scheduling.”
Dr. Rich, DDS
Temple Dental Trails, TEMPLE, TX
“I've used Dental Whale for my four offices for over three years. They do a great job of converting calls to scheduled appointments.  I like that they answer phones outside of normal business hours which we could never do. The monthly reports they provide are very helpful.”
Dr. Joshua Wyatt
South Tampa Dentistry, Tampa FL
“I own a start-up dental office and have been working with Dental Whale for several weeks now. I cannot say enough good things about their team and would recommend them to any dental office.”
Dr. Yves Pham
Northern Edge Dentistry, NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV
“Dental Whale has been extremely helpful. Not only did they provide guidance and best practices throughout each phase of opening my new dental practice, they also streamlined the entire process, saving me a lot of hassle and money.”
Dr. Tristan Cheung
“Dental Whale has been amazing through the whole transition. When I bought my practice, I inherited a lot of bugs and problems with our equipment, computers and software, but they have been a tremendous help getting us in top shape.”
Dr. Todd Haskin
Fairbanks Family Dental Care, FAIRBANKS, AK